In today’s ever evolving media landscape, content creators need to rethink the way they shape and deliver entertainment.

In a world where Hollywood blockbusters have been replaced by behemoth Franchises, success is now contingent on growing a dedicated fan base and finding new and interesting ways to keep communities engaged.

Contemporary audiences demand deeper, more meaningful experiences. It is only by carefully planning and building complex Storyworlds, universes that can be accessed and explored through multiple points of entry, that creators can truly reach a broad audience and develop a meaningful dialogue with them.

The following are the 5 reasons why cross-platform content creation is the future of entertainment:

  1. It focuses on building deep and rich mythologies where every story adds and expands on a central story.
  2. It recognizes every medium as a potential distribution channel, providing fans with a different entry points (and perspectives) to the overarching mythology.
  3. It lets fans connect the dots between the various stories, encouraging them to explore, participate and stay engaged.
  4. It allows the creatives to maintain control over how the stories and Storyworlds are deployed and how they evolve over time.
  5. It allows for collaboration with top talent from every medium, which leads to the crafting of deeper, richer stories that take full advantage of each unique medium.

Armed with a passion for storytelling, a willingness to take creative risks and a common vision that we share with our team of seasoned creatives, Reflector aims to take advantage of the limitless opportunities of cross-platform storytelling.