Next June, Montreal will be home to a spectacular first of its kind attraction: an innovative and transcendant entertainment venue in the shape of a pyramid. The PY1 experience is an original concept developed by Lune Rouge Entertainment (founded by Guy Laliberté), which will make its international debut at the Clock Tower site in Montreal’s Old Port. Starting in June 2019, PY1 will present Through the Echoes, the first show produced for the pyramid.

An emblematic venue, presenting vibrant and memorable experiences

PY1 is an entirely new entertainment concept, offering a multi-sensory experience, and representing the first mobile venue by Lune Rouge Entertainment. Iconically shaped as a pyramid of extraordinary size, PY1 is an absolute marvel of innovative technology, along with being a unique playground for multimedia experiences that meld cutting edge technologies with the talent of the greatest digital creators.

Through the Echoes, a first immersive production

Next June, PY1 will host the first globally touring, immersive production created by Lune Rouge Entertainment. Au-delà des échos/Through The Echoes, designed by multidisciplinary artist Gabriel Coutu-Dumont, is 60-minute thrill ride. Audience members will be surrounded by lasers, 360-degree projections, kinetic video aerial scenery, atmospheric special effects, and spectacular lighting. Immersed in high-quality soundscapes, they will explore the threads of space and time, from our origins to our possible futures, as if in the midst of a waking dream.

Through The Echoes will be a totally immersive experience, a technological and emotional odyssey that tells the story of life, from the Big Bang until now,” explained Guy Laliberté, the founder of Lune Rouge. “The audience will be the primary focus, and take the center of the stage,” summarized Stéphane Mongeau, the President and CEO of Lune Rouge Entertainment.

Guided by the stars, whose primitive celestial energy forms us and everything around us, the 600 audience members will experience a dreamlike journey to the edge of the universe. They will go on a journey from planet to planet, exploring the dawn of life to that of technology, an exhibition of our quest for a better tomorrow.

With four possible configurations, and a capacity of 1000 people, the pyramid is a large audience platform with the ability to incorporate augmented reality experiences. After hours, the structure will morph into a next generation nightclub venue, offering a breathtaking and experiential multimedia environment. Surrounded by amazing sound and visual effects, guests will enjoy unique performances by carefully selected DJs. 


The production Through the Echoes is the fruit of the synergistic collaboration between two entities of the Lune Rouge Group, as Reflector Entertainment contributes its specialized expertise in content creation in order to materialize the creative vision of Lune Rouge Entertainment. “It was completely natural for us to contribute our knowledge and ideas to the creation of such an innovative project” explains Alexandre Amancio, CEO of Reflector Entertainment. “We have the creation, technology, and production expertise required by a project like PY1, and we found the collaboration between the different creative teams very stimulating”, says Simon Tremblay, Head of Media Content at Reflector Entertainment.

Through The Echoes will premiere in June 2019 for a limited time in Montreal before commencing its worldwide tour. Tickets are available for pre-sale at for $29.75 + fees + taxes.

What’s PY1?

Dimensions of the structure

Exterior: 38 x 38 metres (approximately 125 x 125 feet)

Interior: 34 x 34 metres (approximately 112 x 112 feet)

Height at the highest point of the pyramid

24.7 metres (approximately 81 feet)

Possible configurations 
107 x 76 meters (approximately 351 x 250 feet)

76 x 137 metres (approximately 250 x 450 feet)


Equipped with 24 3-chip DLP laser projectors, able to accommodate a 744,000-lumen screen, PY1 is the first platform providing experiences for the general public that is ready to incorporate augmented reality, pushing immersive entertainment to new heights.


The expansive lighting installations will bathe the audience in colours and textures to enhance the experience. The lighting effects will create a sensation of continuous movement and, in combination with the projections and the kinetic multimedia elements, will expand and divide the space through the use of more than 500 state-of-the-art pieces of LED lighting equipment.


More than 25 lasers will pepper the venue, creating a supernatural environment for the audience. This type of revolutionary installation has never been seen at a performance venue or club.

Special effects

Several customized special effects machines will produce striking atmospheric effects. They will help create the experience’s third dimension.


PY1’s unique audio system will make it possible to put on multimedia shows, live concerts, and performances by artists and DJs in an outstanding immersive sound environment. The static sound generated by pulses, done through a sophisticated interactive EDM system at maximum bandwidth, will provide for a breathtaking experience.