The Q&A – Topic #1: Reflector 101

Welcome to The Reflector Q&A, where we ask you to submit your questions via our Instagram stories and we answer them every 2 weeks. Each Q&A has a specific topic and, to kick things off, we answered some simple introductory questions. This brings us to Topic #1: Reflector 101:

What exactly do you guys do?

Reflector is a transmedia company, which means that we tell stories that transcend mediums. We create these sprawling, large-scale universes for a global audience, all created locally out of Montreal.

What is a Storyworld?

A Storyworld is a deep, living, organic, growing universe that has stories told across multiple platforms or mediums. They are all complimentary, but are also all strong standalone products. An example with Unknown 9 is that you can have a character in the film that is featured in the game, but might not be the main character. Additionally, you can have an object that’s very important in the novel, but might just be something within the backdrop in the comic book.

Are you a video game company?

Reflector isn’t a video game studio per say, but we do have a VG studio within Reflector! We also have projects ongoing using VR and AR, and collaborate with experts from various industries (film, television, novels, comic books, etc.). We are a transmedia content creation studio!

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