Level Designer

Reflector Entertainment is a totally new breed of studio committed to creating next-generation content for audiences around the globe. Reflector’s mission is to create Storyworlds: transmedia universes built from the ground up, releasing new and exciting narratives along a consistent schedule and across a wide variety of platforms. The platforms vary per Storyworld and can be PC/consoles/mobile video games, live immersive experiences, comic books, novels, television series, films, podcasts, etc. Our team is quickly growing, and we are currently looking for AAA talent that will drive our ambitious, large scale projects. SUMMARY Working closely with the Level Design Director, the Level Designer is deeply involved in all stage of the game production. He will be in charge, with the collaboration of all departments, of the implementation of prototypes, the creation of game’s level, the integration of game’s contents as well as been responsible of the first debug while respecting the technical constraints and the game’s direction.


  • Share and understand the creative direction and the game design’s documentation;
  • Understand how the global experience of the game is impacted by his level;
  • Work on prototypes to validate game’s concepts and extract rules from it;
  • Responsible of the conception and the first integration of game’s level;
  • Follow-up regularly with the Arts, Narratives and Game Design teams;
  • Keep up-to-date the appropriate documentation to ease collaborative works with other departments;
  • In charge of Mission design, including both main, side mission, and the required scripting;
  • Integrate all game’s elements required for the targeted difficulty;
  • Insure the intention feasibility in collaboration with the Technical Directors and the Programmers;
  • Participate in the game’s quality by fixing issues found by the Quality Assurance team;
  • Collaborate with the Programmers team to track and eliminate the most critical issues;
  • Iterate work in order to achieve the highest possible quality.


  • Minimum of five (5) years of experience as a Level Designer;
  • Worked through all production’s stages of a minimum of two (2) video games, preferably ‘AAA’ console video games;
  • Good general knowledge of video games;
  • Have high quality standards;
  • Creative ;
  • Proactive and autonomous at work;
  • Motivated and have a positive attitude;
  • Experience with the Unreal game engine is a plus;
  • Excellent communication skills in English and French (both oral and written).

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