Brand Manager

Reflector Entertainment is a totally new breed of studio committed to creating next-generation content for audiences around the globe. Reflector’s mission is to create Storyworlds: transmedia universes built from the ground up, releasing new and exciting narratives along a consistent schedule and across a wide variety of platforms. The platforms vary per Storyworld and can be PC/consoles/mobile video games, live immersive experiences, comic books, novels, television series, films, podcasts, etc. Our team is quickly growing, and we are currently looking for AAA talent that will drive our ambitious, large scale projects. Reflector is looking for a Brand Manager who will be responsible for the development, the implementation of the branding/marketing strategy and who will act as the gatekeeper of the brand. In addition, he/she will report directly to the Head of Marketing and will be accountable for developing and implementing new strategic plans and branding campaigns.


  • Participate in the creation and execution of global launch plans designed to maximize awareness, visibility and define KPIs in order to measure the ROI for the IP;
  • Assist in strategic brainstorms and concept development for the IP and each of its mediums;
  • Define the positioning, audience and key messaging per medium created for an IP;
  • Help define the communication strategy with the PR manager and the Social Media Strategist including events, communication channels and assets rollout plan;
  • Define and manage budget requirements to support the plans under the supervision of the Head of Marketing;
  • Be responsible for the creation of all the assets defined in the launch plan, including (but not limited to) promo videos, trailers, screenshots, artwork, etc. ;
  • Create the visual identity (name, logo, key art) and advertising campaign for the IP and the various media associated to it;
  • Work with creative agencies and internal resources to guarantee the quality and timely delivery of assets;
  • Work with media agencies to develop, strategize and optimize media plans from inception to completion;
  • Prepare the relevant marketing documentation such as Brand plans and Post-Mortems, and communicate to all stakeholders;
  • Become the key point of contact between the IP team, Dev teams and the Marketing team to ensure alignment on the creative brand vision, marketing & business objectives for the IP;
  • Represent the brand both internally and externally with key business partners;
  • Attend trade & consumer shows worldwide as required;
  • Lead all web-production efforts including copywriting, photo producing, and publishing of branded content in collaboration with the Marketing Project Manager;
  • Work in collaboration with the Licensing and Product Merchandizing Specialist in order to create a line of merchandizing for the IP;
  • Conduct any necessary research and share a broad understanding of market trends and best practices within the entertainment industry, and comprehensive knowledge of benchmark competitors across all genres, platforms and media;
  • Monitor the lifecycle of each medium created for the IP;
  • Lead all web-production efforts including copywriting, photo producing, and publishing of branded content in collaboration with the Marketing Project Manager.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or related field, or equivalent experience;
  • 4 to 6 years of experience working in the field of consumer marketing, digital marketing or equivalent relevant experience;
  • Proven ability to grow brand awareness through brand campaigns, content, communication and other marketing tactics;
  • Good understanding of branding strategies and consistency tactics;
  • Ability to prioritize projects and produce high quality and quantity outputs;
  • Collaborative, proactive and solutions orientated;
  • Knowledge and focus on marketing analytics, KPIs and ROI;
  • Entertainment or video game industry experience, an asset;
  • Strong knowledge of Twitch and YouTube platforms, an asset;
  • Experience working with content creators on Twitch and YouTube, an asset;
  • Experience working in an international environment, an asset;
  • Ability to identify target audiences, capture personas and devise campaigns to engage and inform;
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in both English and French.

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