Social Media Strategist

Reflector Entertainment is a totally new breed of studio committed to creating next-generation content for audiences around the globe. Reflector’s mission is to create Storyworlds: transmedia universes built from the ground up, releasing new and exciting narratives along a consistent schedule and across a wide variety of platforms. The platforms vary per Storyworld and can be PC/consoles/mobile video games, live immersive experiences, comic books, novels, television series, films, podcasts, etc. Our team is quickly growing, and we are currently looking for AAA talent that will drive our ambitious, large scale projects. The Social Media Strategist will lead the global social media strategy for Reflector as well as the IPs that are being developed. They will oversee and identity the different tools needed and adapting a dialogue that will fit each chosen platform. They will set various criteria that will be used to measure the progression of each social community. The developed strategies need to reflect the company’s vision or the different IP’s objectives. The Strategist will report directly to the Head of Content and Marketing and will collaborate with the person who is responsible of content for each project.


  • Build the social media strategy for Reflector and all the IPs in collaboration with the Head of Content and Marketing as well as the people responsible for the content of each project;
  • Develop and deploy a strategic social media plan;
  • Monitor online and social media platforms;
  • Draft, create and share content for each social media channel;
  • Ensure the management and participation on the social networks for each IP as well as the corporate account in a proactive manner;
  • Create measurable KPIs and ROIs for each action, ensuring a high level of satisfaction for our fans;
  • Staying knowledgeable of digital and social media trends.


  • University diploma in information technology, marketing or a relevant program;
  • 5 years’ experience in digital marketing, social media management and web content creation;
  • Excellent social media knowledge (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others...);
  • Able to manage different accounts with unique approaches and points of view;
  • Able to create and share original content;
  • Copywriting experience and blog maintenance;
  • Good knowledge of SEO;
  • Experience with Web Analytics tools (Google Analytics, Hoot suite etc.);
  • Excellent communication skills in both French and English;
  • Strong culture and web network;
  • Comfortable with photoshop and video editing;
  • Autonomous.

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