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We are assembling a team of creative thinkers, technical experts and top talent to build Reflector Entertainment into a truly outstanding company.

Alexandre Amancio


  • Alexandre Amancio

    Alexandre Amancio

    CEO and Co-Founder

  • Guy Laliberté

    Guy Laliberté


Executive team

  • Marc-Olivier Paquet

    Marc-Olivier Paquet

    Head of Finance

  • Simon Tremblay

    Simon Tremblay

    Head of New Media

Core team

  • Marc Moulis

    Marc Moulis

    Technical Director

  • Noemie L'Ecuyer

    Noemie L'Ecuyer


  • Jessi Thind

    Jessi Thind

    Narrative Director

  • Christophe Rossignol

    Christophe Rossignol

    Level Design Director