Alexandre Amancio

CEO and Co-Founder

Creative leader, writer, entrepreneur

Vision & Philosophy

Storyworlds are the future; through Reflector, Alex strives to build a platform to create original, cross-platform entertainment, giving rise to timeless mythologies and building a dedicated, global audience.

At Reflector

Alex leads Reflector’s executive team through his singular cross-platform vision for a true transmedia company, while spearheading the creation of its Storyworlds.


Chief Creative Officer of Lune Rouge, Reflector’s parent company, Alex brings his unique creative vision to the group’s wide range of projects in the fields of technological innovation, entrepreneurship and live entertainment experiences. Previously a Creative Director at Ubisoft, Alex was one of the visionary talents behind the international success of Assassin’s Creed. He has been twice nominated by the prestigious Writer’s Guild of America.

Other hobbies

Alex is a multiplatform artist in his own right; he writes, draws, plays electric guitar, as well as the trumpet. He’s also always up for a good gaming session, a discussion on the minutiae of Seinfeldia, or theoretical physics.