We build Storyworlds that transcend media - interweaving narratives and characters across films, video games, novels, podcasts, comics, and beyond. Each is a unique entry point into our original universes – it’s up to you to decide the path you take.



We want you to craft your own journey throughout each Storyworld, experiencing them in different ways and on different platforms, so that participation becomes an act of creation in itself.


"The launch of a narrative cycle is like a well-conducted symphony. Each component of our storyworld experience is launched in a way designed to enhance the fan experience."

— Alexandre Amancio




Welcome to The Reflector Q&A! This section will periodically evolve based upon the questions you ask us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 


What exactly do you guys do?


Reflector is a transmedia company, which means that we tell stories that transcend media. We create sprawling, large-scale universes for a global audience.


What is a Storyworld?


A Storyworld is an ever-expanding universe that tells stories across multiple platforms or media. Each story is complimentary but also stands on its own. This means that your favourite character might be the protagonist in the film, while playing a complimentary role in the video game – stories are independent, but if you experience them all, they tell a broader narrative that expands the overall mythology.


Are you a video game company?


Reflector is a Transmedia Studio that develops original IP across media. We have an inhouse video game studio, as well as a new media division that explores VR, AR and other emergent storytelling tools. We also team up with veterans and emerging talent from across industries to produce films, series, novels, comic books, and beyond.